100% Upcycled bikes belts workshop is a very unique activity to learn about the different phases of the upcycling process starting from the specific case of trash coming from bike workshops.
During this workshop participants learn how to create a new sustainable fashion item using only parts from discarded bikes.

Observing how much material is lost every day, our designers worked on a participative design process: first disassembly components and after the brainstorming, making different sketches and prototypes to test how to use them in the most functional way. 

The final goal was to create a product made 100% out of bike trash without using any new component. During this process it turned out that even some of the tools useful to customize the metal components are upcycled as original design created out of bikes parts with wood and metal plates. So, not only the final products are 100% upcycled but even the tools to make them are completely upcycled!

After months of trying different shapes and models during participatory skills-sharing activities, our team came out with a more standardized design for a definitive workshop format: 100% Upcycled bikes belts.

This workshop is perfect to experience and understand the whole upcycling process “trash to treasure”:

1. Materials collection
2. Cleaning and disassembly the components
3. Rubber work
4. Metal work
5. Customization and Assembly

This workshop is fairly complex since it requires more tutors and material is quite heavy to transport. 

The realization of each piece requires at least one hour for each person, it means that the tutors need to supervise several people at the same time. 

This is a very successful workshop during Makers event and environmental festivals. 

Rescued materials:

Bike tyres, bike wheel`s spokes, bike chains



from 13 y.o. (smaller children need the assistance of an adult) 

Activity duration:

4 hours