Sometimes a workshop`s concept is inspired by the big amount of the same kind of dumped materials available saved by our collection team around the city. 

In this case the question was: What to do with all these white pottery? 

That’s how Pimp Your Pottery workshop started. 

Pimp Your Pottery is an easy ceramics decoration workshop not only for kids but everyone else curious about pimping second hand pottery.

The concept of this workshop started as a collaboration with Sketchy Monday, the sketching circle community of Kraftwerket. During the event and exhibition Creative Artists and where to find them II at KraftWerket it turned out that unwanted white ceramics could be a perfect medium for amateur artists and professional illustrators as well. 

All white ceramics used during the event have been thrown away but saved by Materiale Centralen volunteers from being destroyed. Some astonishing pieces came out during the event. 

A positive pilot experience that became one of the classic workshops now. 

This is probably the most playful and spontaneous type of workshop we offer, but beside its ludic aspect it brings an important message, the value of the object of affection.

Whenever an object carries with it a nice memory, it develops some kind of connection to the owner, making more difficult for the object to be thrown away. This is the reason why we believe that the acts of customize and upgrade these pottery will give them more chances to be appreciated and not be disposed again. 

For this reason, the initial concept became now even more open since everyone is free to bring more personal pottery to decorate and have extra fun using several upcycling techniques.  

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling provides all materials and proper paint to introduce all the attendees  to the participatory upcycling approach.

Pimp Your Pottery is a successful workshops during festivals, such as Copenhagen Makers 2018, Kulturnatten  and C4O Cities environmental festival in 2019.

Rescued materials:

White or monochrome second hand pottery


All ages

Activity duration:

Min. 2 h