In 2050 we will have more plastics than fishes in our oceans. 

Materiale Centralen team created this workshop ad event to raise awareness around the huge issue of plastics and microplastics in the oceans.

This event is perfect for families and schools. 

The event itself can be shaped and customized according to different type of spaces, needs and target groups. 

Usually the workshop starts with a short presentation introducing the plastic pollution issue in our oceans, showing data with infographics, followed by some visual inspirations to help participants overcome the blank paper fear. 

First interactive part is about sketching ideas to build the futuristic plastic creatures out of discarded plastic that Materiale Centralen team found in recycling stations, from the beach and the waterfront. 

After building the new plastic marine creatures, each participants write its “identity card” as a storytelling activity to learn about the different types of plastics and their life span in our ocean. Each plastic fish creation has a name and its own story. The result is a collective installation turning into a temporary exhibition to reflect about to the environmental impact of plastics industrial creation and massive consumption.

Rescued materials:

Mixed plastic packagings, household items, tubes, pipes, toys, fishing nets, cd..


Children, families and adults

Activity duration:

Min. 6 h