The role of this Manifesto is to light up the values and beliefs of Materiale Centralen UP!cycling organization. 

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling is an NGO that plays the role of medium between recycling centers and a wider public of stakeholders that combines creative projects, artists, designers, schools, public institutions and sustainable initiatives for public development.

Materiale Centralen contributes expanding knowledge about sustainability, recycling and upcycling, spreading an educational message about sustainable living and reusability.

The principal role of Materiale Centralen is: 

  • Save materials that are meant to be thrown away, 
  • give them a second chance, re-purpose them developing ideas, creating upcycled products,
  • spread knowledge and educate, organizing workshops and events,
  • work on an international online platform, establishing connections with like minded projects. 

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling team knows that there is more than collecting  and sharing free rescued materials.

What Materiale Centralen believes in is a network of systemic projects, sharing common values about environmentally and socially sustainable communities in the city of Copenhagen, working together on the creation of a circular economy model where waste is not considered as common useless trash anymore but as precious raw resources still usable, full of potential. 

In the systemic design view the output represented by discarded materials in a system, can become a new input in another system in proximity. So, all resources are optimized and nothing will be lost during the process.

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling’s main concept is to reduce waste of resources by adopting zero waste lifestyle.

Our approach to environmental solutions sees people as the key element to fix the waste issue, counting on people’s everyday practices to bring meaningful actions about the necessary change.

Why the city of Copenhagen? 

Because Copenhagen is a fertile field for participatory social design, community based projects; This city has a wide and eclectic structure of istitutions  and people interested in the same themes as Materiale Centralen UP!cycling is. Copenhagen provides a good network where ideas of sustainable living in communities can be explored and expanded.

Materiale Centralen’s best partner or client is not who just wants cheap second hand materials but whom looks for an educational experience, someone than understands the philosophy behind the upcycling concept and brings it further in their own project (for example advertising where the materials come from, what is the story behind them and providing suggestions for other future collaborations that are willing to use recycled and upcycled materials).

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling’s main challenges are: 

  • make citizens understand about the quantity of energy, time and human resources invested during the industrial production process and make them aware of the amount of materials wasted in the actual linear industrial and consumption system. 
  • Promote a model of future waste management, not only for the city of Copenhagen and Denmark but internationally on a modular scale. 
  • Develop a pilot experimental project that can be scaled and applied everywhere, especially in developing countries.

Materiale Centralen UP!cycling doesn’t trust in a fix-it-all techno-utopian dream technology, but in  a more realistic and accessible combination of people, tools, spaces, platforms and knowledge to create an alternative global recycling system.

Individual little steps, multiplied by millions will make the big change happen.  All together, that’s how we can make the difference, if you want to be part of this transformation join Materiale Centralen UP!cycling… 

Yes, you can do it, you too!


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